What is a c0mputer guru?

We are the people you call when your computer just isn't acting right and you don't want to take your computer to one of the "big boy shops." We are the people you call when your printer just won't print or your screen is doing funny things. We have no agenda, respect your privacy, don't sell hardware, and only want you to enjoy your computing experience to it's fullest. From Silicone Graphics workstations to Raspberry PI's, PCs to Macs, flip phones to iPhones, tablets to Home Media servers, from the 1980's to the 2010's...we touch almost every class of computing device available.

The Gurus Lab allows us to isolate and troubleshoot components, so you don't replace parts unless it's necessary. We also come to your home, boat, camper, or place of business and offer training and repair services that just can't be compared. All in all, we are a group of nice people who understand that you just want things to work...without costing an arm and a leg!

Some of us are also "Jacks of All Trades"...we each have different hobbies and interests, which allows us to have a knowledge base that is unique and rather efficient at finding solutions. We offer a wide range of services from computer repairs to converting VHS tapes to DVDs and LPs to CDs. If you have a project, we probably have a solution for you.

About William